It’s about time …

Melanie & Max

Are Getting Married !!

Our Big Day

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Welcome to Melanie & Max’s Wedding Website!

Keep checking back regularly because we’ve put together a whole lot of useful info about our big day (more to come soon) that’ll make it easier for you. You can RSVP online, see the timetable of the day, book accommodation, check gift lists, upload your photos and much more!

Have a look around, sign our guestbook or check the ‘Have your Say’ section for quizzes or to vote for music at the reception.

We’d also love your help - click the ‘Get Involved’ link for more details.

We’re super excited about sharing our wedding with you and though we appreciate that it does mean a day off for lots of you, we really hope that as many as possible will be able to make it to the ceremony as well as the reception - just this once :)

Can’t wait to see you!

Melanie & Max